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How to Update the Garmin Nuvi 255W

Garmin Nuvi 255 W is one of the greatest GPS devices that is handy and is used for navigational purposes. The GPS device by Garmin needs to have the map updates to be downloaded. Also, it is important that the map updates are to be done regularly so as to provide the correct and updated navigational services.

  • Downloading the Garmin map updates is important for keeping updated with the map updates.
  • If you wish to update the Garmin Nuvi 255W, then the article contains the complete information for it.
  • You will also get to know about the latest Garmin GPS updates.

What are the free Garmin map updates?

Garmin devices come with the map update for the lifetime but the model Garmin Nuvi 255 W doesn’t come with such updates. This means that one has to buy the subscription for the map updates of the device Garmin Nuvi 255W. The map updates for Garmin were free available but now the services have been discontinued for a while.

But a device user can get the free map updates for a fixed interval of time. Within 60 days of purchase, the updates are available for free for the users. After that, the users have to purchase the subscription for Garmin map updates.

What is the Garmin Nuvi 255 SD card used for?

  • Garmin Nuvi comes with permanent internal storage.
  • It contains the software of Nuvi and the initial set of maps.
  • But to install the additional maps in the device, you have to upgrade the memory with the help of an SD card.
  • Garmin Nuvi 255 accepts a micro SD card with a capacity of 4 to 32 GB only.
  • So, before installing the map or updates of the map, it is important that you have added the card before to the device.

Why to update Garmin Nuvi 255W?

Garmin provides the navigational features for the users. The devices help in commuting and finding routes that are better and reliable. Here is why one needs to update the Garmin maps from time to time:

  • Garmin maps are installed once in the device. This means that they provide you the routes of the time of the map, which is installed in the device. To get the latest maps, it is important to make the updates.
  • New routes are developed over some time period and maps get changed. So, to provide better routes, it is important to get the map updates done periodically.

How to do the Garmin Nuvi map update?

To do the Garmin Nuvi update, you can follow the given below procedure-

  • Start with downloading the web updater. This can be found on the official website. Connect the device with the computer and then download the web updater on the device. This will update all the maps that other files installed on the device.
  • Restart the computer- after the installation process is complete, restart the computer. Now go to the Garmin Express and install the available updates for your device.

Install the update on Garmin Nuvi 255W

In order to install the updates of the Garmin device, users have to install the Garmin express first. The Garmin express helps in updating the software and the map of the device. To download the Garmin Express, follow the given below steps:

  • Plug into the Garmin device with a USB cable into the computer or laptop.
  • Visit the Garmin official website and choose the right model for the mac or windows version.
  • Hit the download button and then begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.

For installing the Garmin updates, you can choose the desired location for storing it on the computer if you do not wish to install it on your SD card.

How to install Map updates with Garmin Nuvi 255 W

Here is the step by step guide for downloading Garmin Nuvi map updates:

  • Connect the Garmin Nuvi 255W with the computer Via USB cable
  • Now launch the installed Garmin express software and choose the Garmin Nuvi 255 from the list of available devices
  • Now go to the store option and click on the update map set.
  • Now you can have access to the map options.
  • Choose the option to change the map or to switch the new map. Here you can also reinstall a map if desired
  • The installation can take some time, be patient for that time
  • Once the installation is complete, safely eject the device from the computer
  • Now the Garmin map has been updated for your device

For any problems in downloading the Garmin map, you can contact the Garmin customer support. They provide you the right guidance and solutions for every problem that you face.

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