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Norton Free Trial Guide – Norton 360

Norton is one of the strongest and powerful antivirus available for computer users. If you are a user of the Norton antivirus, then you might be knowing about the benefits of the Norton. If you have no idea about the Norton products then you can get the free trial services by Norton for a limited time period. Here is the complete guide about the Norton antivirus free trial.

With the help of the Norton free trial, a user can get to know if the services are worth buying or not.

Why to try before buying the Norton products

  • Norton is a well recognized product but still, after reading and knowing about the complete details of a product, it can sometimes be much difficult to decide for the purchase of the products.
  • The features are sometimes much harder to explain by just elaborating or writing.
  • There are several types of security that are provided by Norton for the different kinds of applications and purposes.
  • In that case, it becomes important for the users to know the actual applications and the benefits of using the software.

This is something like the credit card, that is not charged until the trial period of the card is complete. Under this free trial offer, the user has complete control over whether they have to make a purchase or not.

What are the terms and conditions of the Norton free trial?

Norton antivirus offers free trial services to its users for a reason so that they can have deep insights into the services that they provide. It helps the users to stay secure in the ways that they are even unaware of sometimes. But to use the Norton antivirus free trial, there are some terms and conditions that are to be abided by by the users. Let us have a look at the terms and conditions of the Norton free trial services.

  • The trial period for the Norton antivirus is 90 days.
  • This means that the users can try the product for 90 days completely.
  • The products like the Norton small business etc are also available for the trial period.
  • The time period is an ample amount of time that makes sure that the users learn the software and get to know about the features that it provides to them. 
  • Norton antivirus free trial 90 days begin with the day when the user completes the completely free trial order form on the official website of Norton.
  • It is important for the users to use a credit card or the debit card to make the Norton free trial and the card will be charged to the full amount including the taxes and other extra costs when the trial period ends.
  • For the different countries and coalitions, there are different trial versions for the users

Opt out services from Norton antivirus

  • Users have the option of opting out of the trial services from the very first day of the Norton free trial.
  • In case if they do not opt out of the Norton free trial for 90 days, then they will be charged for the services that they get.
  • There are complete details of opting out for the free trial services by Norton in the confirmation email that is sent to the users at the time of registration for the free trial services.
  • Make sure that the users keep the services saved with them until they make a decision for buying or opting out of the product.

If you have to do the opt out process for the Norton free trial for 90 days, then you can do this simply by Norton account. All you have to do is to go to the official website of Norton and complete Norton login and uncheck the automatic charge for the specific product.

If you are facing some troubles with the Norton products of Norton setup, then you can contact the customer support at any time. You can get the help for all of the problems that you face with Norton products with Norton support.


Q1 Are there any penalties for opting out the Norton security services?

There are no penalties in case if a user opts out the services of Norton. The users can go for another product of Norton as well in case if they do not like a specific product trial. But there is one limitation by Norton, there is one trial limit per product per user or computer. This is an important limitation that has to be made by Norton so that there is no misuse of the Norton antivirus free trial for 90 days.

Q2 From where to download the Norton antivirus free trial?

Norton antivirus free trial versions are only available on the official website of the Norton. All you have to do is to log in to your Norton account and try for the free trial version. Be aware of the fake sites that ensure the free trials and can get you stuck in some scams or spam. After completing the steps for the download you can enjoy the Norton free trial versions on your device,Meta desc– Enjoy the Norton free trial services. get to know the benefits and all the features of the Norton products with Norton antivirus free trial services.

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