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Our lives have been greatly affected by advancements in technology. Computers have made our lives simpler and easier. Most of things in the present times have become computerized. Thus, manual labor is reduced as more sectors are becoming computerized and most of the work is operated in a digital mode.

  • The major advantage that computers offer to us, is better management of data.
  • Microsoft Office is better known as a desktop suite, which is designed exclusively for business or office use.
  • Microsoft Office is a complete package of software that is used for all professional and personal tasks.
  • All types of operating systems support Microsoft office. The major software applications that it includes are Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher applications.
  • It allows you to work from anywhere and share it using the cloud.

These various tools can be used by you using a single Microsoft account. In case if you are already a pre-existing user of Microsoft services like, OneDrive, Xbox or Skype, then in that case you are already having a Microsoft account. You just need to set up your Microsoft account by the link

Microsoft office setup:

  • The setup of the Microsoft office software requires a valid product key that needs to be redeemed at
  • Once you have redeemed the product, you can easily download and install the Office apps on your desktop or device.
  • The product key is a single-time key that has been provided to your Microsoft account. Either online or offline mode, you can subscribe to the Office product key easily. In case if you have subscribed to it online, then the product key of the office will be sent to you on the registered email id.
  • If you are purchasing it in offline mode from a retail shop, then you must be cautious about it.
  • The full services of Microsoft Office should be purchased from the official store of Microsoft office. At the time of purchase, you will get a product key or the activation key.
  • The product key is used to ensure the genuineness of the product that you have purchased. You will have to enter this 25-digit unique product key at the product key.

Here are the steps that you will have to follow:

  • Visit the official page of
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account with the link of login. In case if you do not have a Microsoft account, sign up for it first. This account has to be remembered by the user as this account will be used to install or reinstall the office on your desktop with or without the product key.
  • Now enter the office product key in the space provided to activate your purchase.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to finish the process of redemption.

Steps to install or reinstall the office:

In case if you are viewing any error message while performing the steps mentioned above, “the product key had already been used” at the time when you entered the product key on In such a case, your product key has already been redeemed and is longer required, instead you have to use your Microsoft account to sign in to the account.

Microsoft HUP:

Here are the steps only for the Office professional plus, Vision professional, or project professionals –

  • Select any app in the office like word, project, or vision, and start running it.
  • A window will appear to sign in to set up the office.
  • Select the option I don’t want to sign in or create an account.
  • Enter the product key to your office purchase.
  • Click on ok and you are all done!

 Microsoft store:

You can set up an account with Microsoft Office using up easily. But for that, you will have to install the office on your desktop and get the product key. This process is done using the Microsoft store.

The steps for the Microsoft store are given here:

  • Visit the official website of the Microsoft store and sign in to the Microsoft account that will be used to purchase the MS office. You have to use the link of login.
  • Once you have signed in to the Microsoft account, you can select your name displayed in the upper right-hand corner and then select Order History.
  • Search for the option of a one-time purchase or the individual office app. Selects the option of Install office in order to view your product key.
  • Now again, select the option of install again in the window where the product key will appear.
  • A page will appear displaying Hi! Let’s get to your office. On this page, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions and sign in again to associate the product key with the Microsoft account.

Microsoft keeps on updating the advanced version of the productivity suite and thus paving new pathways for you to get the best business productivity experience. Setting up a Microsoft office account is not a difficult task and you can perform it in a few simple steps. Follow the steps below to get your business running with the Microsoft office.

Steps for the Microsoft office setup:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft account:
  • For Microsoft office setup on your desktop, first, visit the product site of Microsoft office and find the option of buy now.
  • Now select the plan that you want to sign up for, like office 365 Business Premium.
  • Follow the given steps for the business plan.

After completing the signup process, the user will be redirected to the page of the admin center, where you will have to follow and complete the installation wizard in order to install the Office apps on your desktop.

  • Here, you need to add your domain, the users you want to add, and the licenses.
  • Once the initial setup is done, you can use the page to continue setting up and configuring the services that will come along with your services.

Set up Outlook for email:

  1. Click on the windows start menu and search for outlook and select it.
  2. Now go the File> Info> add account.
  3. Enter your email address and click on the option of the connect.
  • Import email:

In case if you are using the Outlook with another email account, you can easily import the previous email and contacts in your new Office account.

  • Exporting the old email:

In the main window of Outlook, choose the File>Open & Export>Import/Export. Select the file that is to be exported and then simply follows the steps that are required to export the outlook data file.

  • Importing the old email:

For this, you will have to again choose> File> Open & Export> Import/Export. Now you have to select the option of Import from another program or file and then follow the instructions to import the backup file that is created by you while exporting the old email.

  • Use a public website: MS office 365 does not include the public website for the business purpose, so you will have to set up one using the Microsoft partner, like GoDaddy or WIX.

How to install Office for Mac:

Follow the steps to download the office on your Mac:

  • Visit the official website of the Microsoft store:
  • Now on the screen, enter the product key that will be given at the time of purchase of the office subscription.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction stop finish the download process.
  • With the timely updating of the versions of the Microsoft office, the present and the latest version is the office 2013. This version is available in 4 different variants which include the Office Home Student 2013, Office Home Business 2013 and Office Professional 2 and the online/cloud Office 365 Home Premium.
  • One of the major advantages of using office services is that these can be used in real-time and online cloud services to share the data.

Problems with the product key?

  • While using the product key, you may face a few challenges. make sure that the product key used by is entered correctly in the space provided.
  • Use only the official website of the product key to activate your office subscription.
  • You can use the Virtual Support agent if you are not sure of the site that you have to use to enter the product key.
  • If your office product key has stopped working, then you should immediately contact the seller and request a refund.
  • The possibilities of the stolen product key are quite high. Contact the Microsoft support page for help regarding the problems that you are facing with the activation of your product key.

This is how you can purchase, download and use the Microsoft Office for all your professional and professional tasks. For more details regarding the office com setup, contact our team of experts.

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