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How to Activate Microsoft Office with Product Key

Office 365 has been introduced by Microsoft as an online edition of its most popular software Microsoft Office. It was launched by Microsoft in 2011 and you can find its setup at Previously, it was aimed at corporate users and was framed in such a manner that will make the professional task easy. 

  • When the setup of Office 2013 was launched, Microsoft O365 started to gain popularity among general users.
  • It is a cloud-oriented online app that can be used via any device may be a PC, smartphone, or even a tablet. 
  • Also, Office 365 allows users to access files from any location and device. One of its premium features which makes it very popular is its online document editing tool.

Multiple users can work on a single document simultaneously: With Microsoft Office 365, the entire team can work and edit simultaneously. If a team member is working on a particular document, he can see what activities others are doing on that.

Below are some features of office 365:

  • Communicate While Working: With Office 365, whenever your team is working on different documents, they can chat with the help of skype and can stay on the same page in terms of communication. It will help in making the work easy and convenient.
  • Attach Links to Documents: If you feel that the document you are working on is quite heavy, then you can create a link to the document and share it with anyone. It will save you time and effort in sending documents manually to different people. Also, you have the option to give different types of permissions to different users.
  • Mail Page Options: In 365, you get the feature of sharing your calendar with your notes. Also, you can share it with your team and appoint meetings accordingly by checking the respective schedules.
  • Select the Lasso: The users have the option to change the data of a scribble into text with the Lasso option. You will find the option of “ink to text”, which can be used to complete this task.

Microsoft Office 365 plans: What is right for you

  • When we look at the reason behind the release of the product key, its aim was not to make things simple in different products of Office, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.
  • But, its aim was to bring something exciting for users and make things simpler for them.
  • To a large extent, the effort has been successful. At present, users from all parts of the world use the product key.
  • For a very long period of time, Microsoft was facing criticism because of the complicated array of features they were offering to the users. 

Microsoft is popular for integrating specific functions in different versions of its unique products. Microsoft has been using a unique array of software solutions that makes the routine task of people and corporates easy and effective.

Microsoft Office 365 plans: Office 365 Home

Office 365 Home is the product that you may need to make your work effective and efficient. This offer was launched by Microsoft, especially for the education community. It is also an affordable solution that can be subscribed to by the students along with teachers and those people who are having a start-up.

What Features You Get When You Get Your Office 365 Home

  • When you get an Office 365 Home, its subscription includes the product key of one of the regular setups of Microsoft Office.
  • It consists of tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc. The user can download this software on his computer or laptop, both Windows and Mac.
  • When you activate the subscription to Office 365 Home, you also get access to edit the documents on your smartphone.
  • Also, the users receive online storage of 1 TB in OneDrive along with 60 minutes of free skype call when their subscription gets activated.

Microsoft Office 365 plans for Business Purposes

  • Microsoft has launched some amazing plans for business owners in its Office 365 segment. As per the size of your company along with your budget, you get variable plans.
  • Your company will be charged on a monthly basis based on the number of users for whom you have taken the subscription.
  • Along with this, you can get managed business email accounts and apps which will make your professional tasks easy.
  • You can download the product key of office 365 by visiting
  • The business version of Office 365 provides an activation key to 5 users of the Office 2016 version. Microsoft has also launched these plans for small-scale business owners.
  • For large corporations, Microsoft has introduced lucrative offers in which the companies can avail of the E1, E3, and E5 plans of Office 365, which have different features and functionalities.

All these plans include different kinds of portals for videos, management tools, and integration of voicemail which can be managed from computers as well as smartphones. For more details regarding Microsoft Office 365 along with its activation key, visit the link –

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