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How to Install Norton Utility 16 Using

We are here in the computer era where most of the work is now operated with the help of a computer. This has made computers as one of the necessities for all of us now. You can find that most of our tasks are done by the computer in our daily schedules.

  • As our databases and information have now all become available on the computer and the internet, it is very important to safeguard this.
  • Attackers and hackers are always looking for a shot to hit your computer with viruses and damage it. This creates more threats to your data and personal computer.
  • We consider the Internet as one of the most reliable sources for work but the attackers use web browsers and web applications for the transmission of viruses and Trojans online.
  • In order to safeguard your computers from these Trojans, viruses, and malware, it is important to install an antivirus on your computer.
  • Norton is one of the most effective and secure antiviruses that is available to protect computers. In the Norton family, there are a lot of services and products which are applicable to business and personal use.
  • Advanced security settings are available for the field of business and personal usage.
  • To maintain the genuineness of the products, Norton releases a specific product key for a particular product. This product key is required for the activation of the antivirus. You can purchase Norton products online or offline at the retail store.

Depending on this purchase, you will get your unique activation key on your registered email id. In this article, you can get help in install on your computer directly through the Norton website link.

A few points must be considered while installing the antivirus on your device:

  • If you are an existing user of Norton and wish to upgrade the product. Uninstall the older product first.
  • If you are using any other antivirus, uninstall it first before installing the Norton antivirus on your computer.
  • Your disk space must be optimum in order to run the Norton antivirus.
  • An uninterrupted internet connection is a must.

Installing the Norton Antivirus is an easy task and this can be done in quite different ways. is one of the most common ways of installing the Norton antivirus on your computer. Let us have a look at the step-wise procedure of installing the Norton antivirus via with the help of Norton utility 16.

  • Press the two keys together Ctrl+J on the same web browser and then double-click on the recently saved Norton file.
  • Select the option of ‘Run as administrator in the Norton Setup.
  • Select the information required to be filled like the country, language, etc.
  • Press OK or submit.
  • The license agreement page will be launched. Check the I agree with the marked box on the page and submit your choice.
  • Follow the instruction that will be displayed on the screen

Installation of the Norton security via may take some time. Wait until the installation is in progress. For the whole process of installation and downloading of the Norton antivirus a strong internet connection is a must.

How to activate the Norton security on your computer

Once you have downloaded the Norton security on your PC, you must activate it by using the product key. Every product of the Norton comes with a particular activation key. It is important to activate the antivirus once after the complete installation. product key will be used for activating the antivirus downloaded via nu16.

  • Launch the Norton antivirus on your computer.
  • At the right bottom, there will be an option to renew the Norton security.
  • A new page will pop up on the screen. Click on I have a key to enter the option of renewing my subscription option.
  • Enter your unique 25-digit Norton product key in the space provided and click next.
  • Confirm your subscription on the next page and click on close.

Now your Norton subscription is successfully activated using the product key. Your computer is all set to fight against various viruses and malware. The Norton products can be easily activated by clicking on the link directly but for this one must be a subscribed user of the Norton family. This will protect the computer and will block suspicious web pages and reduction in the risks of loss of data.

The Norton product could be directly downloaded by the link. Or the other way, you could opt for this is to uninstall the antivirus to remove any kind of error in the file and then reinstall it using the Norton Product key.

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