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Garmin Express Not Working In Windows

Garmin is the most used software for navigation and this is the reason why it is most commonly used among the people. Being software for navigation, it can have certain problems or error messages. The most common problem with Garmin is the Garmin express not working. And this can become really irritating at some times.

  • But this is not an issue that cannot be fixed easily or one needs not to worry about much for the issue.
  • By doing the Garmin updates as well, one can get rid of the problem if obsolete software is the reason.
  • But if this is not the case, then here is what can be done.

Read the complete article in case if Garmin express is not working in windows.

Before you get started with the problem, the first thing to know is whether the system is compatible with the software or not? Because the incompatibility of the device can be related to the problems. Here is what do you must have to do for the windows:

  • High speed internet
  • Display with 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Disk space of about 20GB

When Garmin is not working with windows, then here is what you can do.

Sometimes windows upgrade can be the reason for the not working of the Garmin express. For such scenarios, the best thing is to run the compatibility shooter for the program. One can do this by going to the search bar and then typing the troubleshooting in the bar. This will open a new window that will begin the process of troubleshooting. Now you have to follow the on screen instruction that helps to run the troubleshooter. In most of the cases, the issue is detected and can easily fix the problem.

If there is a problem with the compatibility of software, then you can easily switch to the compatibility mode and install the software.

When the Garmin express not working for windows 8.1, then you can follow the given procedure:

  • First, try with running the DISM command. For doing this, you have to run the command prompt as administrator and then follow the step by step follow the commands and hit the enter button:

exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

  • Now close the command prompt and then check if you are still facing the problem with Garmin express.
  • If this doesn’t resolve the process, then you have to clean the boot process. For this, go to the Run windows on the system and type the misconfig. Click on the startup option and now you have to go to the load startup and disable it click on the checkbox for the hide all Microsoft services and click on the disable it all.
  • Open the task manager and go to each startup item and disable them by right clicking on them.
  • Restart the system and then check if the application is working or not.

When Garmin express not work with windows 10

If the Garmin express doesn’t work on Windows 10, then this is because of the .NET framework. This would not let you prevent the launch of the windows 10. In that case, you have to look for the firmware on the system. For that case, you have to go for the solutions that are as:

  • Start with the deletion of the configuration file for the Garmin express– The best thing is to start with the deletion of the configuration folder and file for the Garmin express. For doing this, open the run windows and type the %localappdata%.
  • Now visit the open window option and look for the Garmin_ltd. Or subsid.
  • Right click on this and then click on the option to delete the menu.
  • Click on yes, when you are sure about the decision.
  • Relaunch the Garmin express on the system.

If this process also fails for your system, then you can uninstall the windows latest updates because of which there can be a hindrance with the working of the software. So, it is a good practice that one checks for the windows updates from time to time.

Also, you can try to deactivate the .NET filed from the windows. This is generally more helpful when unexpected errors are detected by the Garmin. Go to the control panel for and click on the option of the program features and turn off the windows features. Disable the entire items that are having the items named as .NET and save the changes.

With all these steps, hope you have resolved the Garmin not working problems. For more queries about Garmin express not working, stay connected with us.

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