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How To Fix Common Roadrunner Email Problems

Roadrunner is one of the well-known webmail services that are provided by the TWC company. This webmail service allows users to manage their multiple accounts easily and smoothly. But there are times when a user faces many roadrunner email problems, which makes it difficult for them to properly communicate. However, the technical support team is always available that helps in resolving all the issues.

The various exciting features of the roadrunner webmail services are:

  • Roadrunner email provides unlimited storage capacity.
  • It provides an advanced option of spam protection
  • Fast and quick email processing
  • A customized user interface that helps in easy management of the emails.
  • Increased attachment limit of up to 30 MB with the incoming and sending emails.

Common roadrunner email problems:

While using email services, the user can face a few types of problems, which is definitely not acceptable for the users. Here are some of the common email problems:

  • Problems with the settings of IMAP or POP server.
  • Problems in resetting the password of the RR email account.
  • Account locked or blocked problems.
  • Issues in logging in the email account.
  • Secondary mail do not exist for the password recovery option.
  • Problems in sending or receiving the emails.
  • Excess of spam mails.
  • Problems in sending the emails.
  • Challenges in the management of the email inbox.
  • Syncing issues of the roadrunner email accounts on the other accounts.

What causes the roadrunner email problems

There can be a lot of problems in the roadrunner email account that users may face while using them. The reason for such problems are listed below:

  • There can be a problem with the internet connection that can hinder the email services of the roadrunner.
  • The password entered can be wrong and hence one can face problems in RR email login.
  • There can be certain problems with the SMTP server settings or the POP server settings due to which there can be a problem in the sending or receiving of emails.
  • Incorrect configurations of the server settings are also one of the possible reasons for the non-working or roadrunner email account.
  • There can be chances in which the email account is either hacked or blocked due to certain reasons.

How to fix the common roadrunner email problems

  • If you are not able to access your email account, then there could be problems with the server which could be easily solved by the proper server configuration.
  • You can either choose the POP or the SMTP settings for the email server settings of the roadrunner account and then make further settings in a proper way.
  • If you are not able to log in through your password, then you may try to reset the password by clicking on the option, reset password or forgot my password. After that follow the on-screen instructions and reset your roadrunner email password.
  • Always use the official website for the RR email login.

How to overcome roadrunner email not working problems?

  • When you are not able to log in the roadrunner email account and a message is displayed on the screen: Account is locked, in that case you cannot reset the password of your roadrunner email account
  • The locked accounts are the major reason or problems like roadrunner email not working.
  • For this problem, there can be various other reasons like the high data traffic, interrupted connection to the server for a long time period of account inactivity.
  • You can try to log in again after some time period or simply wait and refresh the login for the RR email login.
  • And then again try to log in, the account will get automatically unlocked and you can continue to enjoy the roadrunner webmail services.

What are the roadrunner email server settings

One of the major problems with the email accounts of the roadrunner is because of the improper email server settings of the roadrunner. Here are the right type of roadrunner email server settings that will help to solve the major problems that a user face with his email account of the roadrunner.

Set the POP settings of your RR mail account as:

  • Open the option of my accounts on the system, then select the option to add an account.
  • Choose the icon of email and then provide the required login credentials to log in to the roadrunner account.
  • Set up the POP settings that can be found in the option of the account type.
  • Set the outgoing email server settings for the server port as and then set the server port as 25 and make sure that the SSL settings are set to none.
  • Click on Ok and then set the incoming mail server settings in a same way. Make the server port as 110 and the security types as none.
  • Click on ok and you are finally done with the roadrunner email server settings.

Users also have one more option to choose from for the server settings. They can select the SMTP server as an alternative:

  • Click on the account settings and then manually set up the server settings.
  • In the account type, select the IMAP option and in the next step configure the server as given.
  • Make the server value to and set the security type as none.
  • Set the port number as 993.
  • Set the SMTP server value to and ensure that the option of security type is selected to none.
  • Put the value of port of the outgoing server as 587 and set the security type value to SSL/TLS.
  • Set the insecure server to 587.
  • Set the security type as none

Thus, this way your roadrunner emails server settings are done properly.

The benefit of the proper roadrunner email server settings:

  • As most of the roadrunner email problems like not sending emails and receiving of emails are because of the improper server settings of the email account.
  • With the proper settings of the server, users, various roadrunner email problems can get resolved.

In a situation where you face issues with the roadrunner email and are not able to solve them, then roadrunner customer support is there to help you. feel free to communicate with the technical support team of the roadrunner webmail for any of the roadrunner email problems.

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