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Best Podium Alternatives: That Businesses Need Their Attention

Reputation plays a big role in business because it’s the main thing that supports the choice of customers. In this digital realm where more and more businesses going online, their reputation is in the hands of online customer reviews. 

According to the reports of Power Reviews, 99.9% of customers go through the reviews when shopping online. So, the above statistics make clear the cruciality online customer reviews hold for businesses. Looking into this factor many businesses today are embedding reviews on their website.

Wondering how embedding can be done? Well, there are numerous review aggregator tools available in the market that brands use for successfully integrating reviews into website. Podium is an effective customer engagement platform used by brands to collect, manage, and embed customer reviews on their website. However, it is not the best one on the market which is why businesses are looking for alternatives.

So, if you are also one of them this article has listed some of the best Podium alternatives for you in 2024. Read this article till the end to learn about them to choose the one that best fits your business requirements. 

Requirement Of Podium Alternatives

Let’s first understand why businesses today are looking for Podiujm alternatives. There are various reasons behind this. It can be an issue with the features, versatility, or the price which can be different for different brands and everyone wants the best for their business. 

The issue businesses have with Podium is its pricing, poor support, and restricted features. The pricing of Podium is a bit high for the features it offers. Then the support provided by Podium is very poor which might be a problem for businesses, and lastly, the features of Podium are very low at such a price. 

Some Reliable Podium Alternatives For Businesses In 2024

Podium is known as one of the powerful platforms that help businesses manage conversations with customers and online reviews. Above it has explained to you why businesses today are looking for better Podium alternatives. Thus, there exist numerous alternatives for Podium that have better features and capabilities that match the needs of businesses. You have the opportunity to explore some of the leading alternatives that exist for Podium that have been jotted down below. You will also get to know about their key features, usability, and overall effectiveness so that you can consider them before picking the one. 

  1. Tagembed 

Starting the list with one of the best aggregator tools in the market Tagembed. This powerful tool allows users to collect, curate, and showcase content from more than 20 social media platforms seamless and appealing manner. It can also able to collect and showcase reviews on websites from multiple well-known review platforms. This tool is the best solution for numerous startups and brands. Today Tagembed has made it place in the popular choice of the businesses due to its user-friendly interface and strong advanced features. 

Talking about the features of Tagembed it has great customization features. It allows users to choose the desired font size, font style, themes, and layout from numerous options and other things that will match the style of your website. Tagmebed has other interesting features as well like moderation which helps users filter out irrelevant reviews and can only choose the important one to showcase. No doubt Tagembed can be a good podium alternative for your business. 

  1. Birdeye 

The next alternative of Podium in the list for you is the Birdeye. Birdeye is a reputation management platform that does more than just collect reviews. This platform can able to improve the online reputation of businesses through customer-driven marketing. 

The features of Birdeye are also great which are the function of real-time live chat. Like Tagembed Birdeye comes with the ability to collect customer reviews from multiple customer review platforms and integrate them into the website. The reporting features of Birdeye are more comprehensive than Podium. Birdeye has more simple and clear features than other tools.

  1. BrighLocal

BrightLocal is the third Podium alternative in the list. Companies find it a great solution for those who need a local domain for local SEO. Bright Local can manage the online reputation of the business by tracking their reviews. Not only does it track reviews but also helps the user with their integration on the website. 

BrightLocal does a deep audit of the online presence of the companies and according to that it offers numerous SEO tools. Along with the website, BrightLocal helps in integration into social media platforms. 

  1. Trustpilot

One of the trusted review management platforms Trustpilot is the fourth alternative for Podium. Through Trustpilot, businesses of all sizes can collect customer reviews. By embedding online reviews on the website businesses can showcase their social proof, build a good online reputation, and boost sales. 

With Trustpilot, businesses can integrate with various platforms like MailChimp, Zensdesk, etc. Trustpilot lets you invite your customers to share their reviews also businesses can monitor reviews and automatically collect reviews. 

Parting Note

To run a business smoothly and efficiently it needs worthy tools or software. If anything is not up to the mark or not serving your business benefits then you must need an alternative.

Thus, some of the alternatives of Podium for businesses have been explained properly, which will be a great help for the business to manage and integrate reviews for building a good reputation. It can integrate reviews on different websites and has a lot of features that businesses can use. It is also very customizable and has a lot of flexibility for businesses.

So, now that you know about them choose the best one as per your business requirements and make the most out of it for your business.

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